Resources to optimize development with the Angular framework

Best books to learn Angular

Books to learn the Angular framework

A complete list of books to learn Angular and its ecosystem! If you like to learn by reading we have referenced for you the best books to learn how to develop Angular applications. Books.

Libraries for Angular

Open-source libraries to extend your Angular applications

Sometimes it is useless to develop from scratch a module of your application, however it is difficult to find the library that will allow you to meet your needs. This is why we have listed here all the best open-source libraries to use in your Angular projects. Libraries.

Medias about the Angular framework

Podcasts and Youtube channels to learn the Angular framework

Discover the best podcasts and Youtube channels to learn how to code with the Angular framework! We have listed for you the media to learn how to develop in videos. Watch the biggest Angular conferences in the world from your home! Medias.

Try Angular without installation

Play online with the Angular framework

For uncomplicated coding, use an online editor and start developing your code in seconds! Use a starter template to quickly test functionality of the Angular framework without any installation on your machine. Play online.