Play online with the Angular framework

  • Stackblitz is the most famous online editor which allows access to a real IDE directly from your browser. With Stackblitz, the best of VSCode is accessible in seconds and without any installation. Several configurations are possible which allows you to start a project with Angular or with RxJS only. Stackblitz

  • Codesandbox is an alternative to Stackblitz, it also allows you to start an IDE in the web browser. However Codesandbox does not use VSCode but instead has its own interface. The site offers many models to start an Angular project or use another framework like Vue, React or VanillaJS. Codesandbox

  • Ng-run is the last alternative which offers the minimum functionality with only one Angular application model. Ng-run

  • Github1s is another VSCode IDE integrated into your browser but this one is intended to load in one second any GitHub repository, it's very helpful tool to explore deeply the different open-source projects. However unlike the others it does not allow the project to be executed. Github1s

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