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Why Angular?

Angular is a highly structured and opinionated framework for building any kind of apps! This overall design of the framework makes it the perfect choice for small, medium and above all large enterprises.

Solutions for enterprise

Angular solutions for enterprise: consulting, reviews, training, staff

Thanks to our large experience with Angular and front-end development in general we provide different solutions to any kind of enterprises. Don't wait anymore to look at our large choice of offers such as consulting, architectural reviews, team training and staff augmentation. Solutions

Courses for developer

Learn Angular by reading our documentation, we publish regularly new content to help the beginner but also the more experimented developer to discover new tips and useful tricks to work efficiently with the Angular framework. Become an Angular professional with our courses

Angular courses for developer: articles, tips and tricks, recommendations

Resources for developer

Angular resources for developer: librairies, books, medias, code

Access the best resources related to the Angular framework. Here we have gathered, sorted and filtered the best resources to help the developers to work with Angular in the best possible conditions. Resources