Books to learn the Angular framework

  • Become a ninja with Angular is a complete ebook that allows beginners to learn Angular from scratch. The book deals with all the important subjects to become a confirmed developer: the future of javascript, philosophy, good practices, components, tests, performance. Become a ninja with Angular

  • Angular Architecture is a book written by Matt Vaughn a famous developer with more than 20 years of experience in application development. This book teaches the principles and patterns for developing enterprise level applications. Angular Architecture

  • Enterprise Angular is a free ebook written by Manfred Steyer, a trainer and consultant with a focus on Angular. Reading this book is ideal to learn how to build enterprise-scale Angular applications which are maintainable in the long run. This books is splitted in different sections such as: the strategic domain-driven design, design monorepository architecture app with Nx workspace, introduction to microfrontends. Enterprise Angular

  • Newline/NG-Book is a complete book which allows you to learn the basics of development with Angular. You will learn best practices for organizing your code, structuring your application. Then you will put the theory into practice with complete practical exercises. Newline/NG-Book

  • NgRx-Book is a book dedicated to NgRx, the most famous reactive state management lib in Angular. The book is written by Nils Mehlhorn, an active open source contributor in the Angular ecosystem. It provides the complete learning resource on state management with NgRx Store & Effects. NgRx-Book

  • Angular Institute is a simple interactive handbook for learning Angular advanced concepts. This online book is made of 7 chapters full of qualitative knowledge and linked with interactive examples in order to visualize the code snippets directly in the browser. If you have already experience with Angular this book will help you to reach the next level of skills. Angular Institute

  • Newline/Angular-universal is an Angular Universal guide from the makers of NG-Book. In this book, you learn about the best practices for implementing Server Side Rendering (SSR) to optimize your site's performance and search engine visibility. Newline/Angular-universal

  • Developing-with-angular is a book written by Denys Vuika which promises to offer a broad overview of development with Angular by giving, for example, solid foundations of modern JavaScript (ES6) but also TypeScript, the Angular CLI or even Docker and Webpack. Developing-with-angular

  • Angular-advocate is a book written by Michael D. Callaghan that promises readers to become a reference in Angular development through best practices such as reactive programming (RxJS), test-driven development (TDD), progressive applications (PWA) or even writing tests. Angular-advocate

  • Angular-Course is a free book distributed by Code-Craft and written by Asim Hussain a Lead developer at Microsoft which offers a complete overview of all the parts essential to the development of Angular applications. Angular-Course

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