Staff augmentation

Our staff augmentation solution aims to help companies in the complex process of hiring an Angular expert. Thanks to our experience in Angular development, we have acquired the capacity to work with the best talents and make them available to you for your projects. We can help you find one or more Angular developers in just a few days.

Junior Angular consultant

Junior developers have minimal experience in web development, they are still at the beginning of their career and therefore have a lot to learn, however we make sure that our consultants have the experience required to develop on an Angular project with confidence.

Senior Angular consultant

The senior developers have acquired significant experience in web development, they have worked on numerous business projects and have been able to put into practice all types of front-end development: html, css, javascript, typescript. They already have the knowledge of design patterns to develop robust and scalable Angular applications.

Angular architect consultant

The senior developers with the most capacity get the title of Angular Architect. These developers have gone through many projects and have already worked with large teams on all types of development. They have the ability to start a project from scratch, to architect it as best as possible and carry it through to production. They also have the ability to work with international teams. In addition to that they will be able to support junior developers to help them produce quality code.

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