Architectural reviews

Our code review service is suited to any company using the Angular framework as a front-end application development tool. If you have an existing project using AngularJS or Angular2+ you are in the right place.

Checking your project

If you are looking to scale your Angular project but you are worried about the current architecture then our team can help you by working together on your current codebase: We will review the current state of the project, we will analyze and modelize your current architecture and we will detect the good and bad practices.

Development strategy

After the review we will help you to understand the pros and cons of your existing codebase and we will provide you strategy in order to refactor your codebase in a long-term architecture: faster, more scalable and more efficient. We will also help you improve your development process by adding more rigor in your processes.

Request your architectural review

You can immediately contact us by filling the form below, you must provide us few information regarding your enterprise and your project and we will be able to offer you a quote in few hours. Request a review!

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