SEO in Angular

If your Angular project is a public website and in particular an e-commerce website, the SEO topic is most likely very important to you and as you probably know, optimizing a SPA for search engines is not a easy task.

Good practices

You must put in place a set of elements to best comply with the guidelines of search engines and Google in particular. In addition, depending on your type of application and your internal constraints, you will have to choose between server-side rendering or pre-rendering at build or on demand.

The problems

You will have to tackle various recurring problems on Javascript applications such as bad LCP time and bad CLS ratio. Indeed, SPA applications must be initialized in the user's browser before being able to display the content, which takes time and causes LCP errors and the display is often asynchronous, which provides better responsiveness but also often causes a wrong CLS ratio.

Our solutions

At Angular-enterprise, we are experienced in referencing Angular applications, we have a long experience of several successful referencing over the long term, in addition we are already experienced with the different approaches of server-side rendering or from pre-rendering to build or on demand.

Tailor-made SEO consulting!

You can immediately contact us by filling the form below, you must provide us few information regarding your enterprise and your project and we will be able to offer you a tailor-made quote in few hours. Request an SEO consulting quote!

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